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13 (or more) a lucky number for TAB NZ rugby fans this week

TAB NZ has considered the odds and is backing the All Blacks to beat Ireland by 13 points or more in the second test at Forsyth Barr Stadium on Saturday by giving Kiwi punters a free crack at Backing Black.


After offering customers up to $100 of their money back as a Bonus Bet if the All Blacks won the first test, TAB NZ is ramping up the offer in this week’s Backing Black promotion.


“We were so impressed by the power and precision of the All Blacks at Eden Park, we’ve got a little carried away this week,” TAB NZ General Manager Marketing and Customer Experience Jodi Williams says.


“If the All Blacks win by 13 or more this week, punters who back the All Blacks to win by that margin will reap the profits if they win, and will get a Bonus Bet if they don’t. It doesn’t matter if the All Blacks win by 12 or under, Ireland win at all, or even if it’s a draw — loyal All Blacks supporters who back the All Blacks by 13 or more will get a refund of up to $100 in Bonus Bets.


“The All Blacks love playing under the roof at Forsyth Barr Stadium, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see tries galore and we’re thinking the All Blacks will score the majority of those.”


“Kiwi punters were backing the All Blacks in last week’s promotion, so we expect this one to be just as popular. You can’t ignore the fight of the Irish though, so maybe they’ll pull out their best performance on New Zealand soil now they’ve considered the odds are against them,” Jodi Williams says.

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