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"Consider the odds”, TAB NZ asks Ireland coach

TAB NZ has asked Ireland rugby coach Andy Farrell to consider the odds of an Ireland victory this Saturday in their latest billboard to hit the streets.


“We were thrilled to hear in the media Andy thought the Consider The Odds billboards were “great” so we’ve made one just for him,” TAB NZ General Manager Marketing and Customer Experience Jodi Williams says.


The billboard, which says “Last time NZ lost at Eden Park, Ireland’s coach was still playing league”, is a fresh take on the ‘back-handed compliments’ Farrell referenced in the media when talking about the billboards in recent days.


“We’ve seen a few billboards that are up there, which are great,” Farrell told the media. “Walking through the streets of Auckland, there’s always a back-handed compliment shall we say, which is great. It’s what we expect and we love that. We take it on the chin and we move onto the next one, don’t we?”


Jodi Williams says there’s no doubting Farrell’s sporting pedigree, but history suggests the odds are against Ireland.


“You have to respect a man who played two sports at the international level, but Andy was running around for Wigan and Great Britain in the 13-man code when the All Blacks were last beaten at Eden Park,” Jodi Williams says.


“Some of his squad were just twinkles in Irish eyes in 1994 and his assistant Mike Catt was still a year away from being steamrolled by the legendary Jonah Lomu at the World Cup.”


“We’re sure Andy will take this billboard in the humour it’s intended, and we can’t wait for the tour to start on Wednesday night with the Māori All Blacks hosting Ireland in Hamilton,” Jodi Williams says.

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