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TAB Grant to Dynamo Events

Stephen Cox, Event Director at Dynamo Events, was planning the annual Northland Cycle Challenge. As usual, he needed additional funding to make it happen, as costs for road cycling events are very high.


For over 20 years, Stephen has been applying for grants to various trusts, as Dynamo Events continuously seeks funding to make fun, safe, and friendly events for competitors of all ages and abilities.


When looking towards the upcoming Tour of Northland Cycle Challenge, one thing was missing: the Traffic Management Plan (TMP).


“Traffic management costs are high for road cycling events, and a complete TMP is a must to help keep all the competitors safe on the road. Our Health & Safety plan is vital to a successful event, and entry fees and sponsorship do not meet the budget to hold the Tour Of Northland event,” said Stephen.


With grants available through TAB NZ for grassroots sporting organisations across the country, Stephen completed an application and successfully secured the funding needed for the event to go ahead.


“We were so grateful to secure the funds, as this year it would have been very difficult for the event to go ahead as we had used up all surplus club funds during COVID.


“The Tour of Northland travels through Northland as we visit and stay in different communities, providing so many benefits, as many locations receive the benefit of an influx of riders, supporters, and race officials,” said Stephen.


TAB NZ’s Net Proceeds Committee meets five times a year to consider the applications received from local sporting organisations across New Zealand. As a brand known for our roots in racing and sports, we’re thrilled to be able to support grassroots sports in Aotearoa that provide opportunities for everyday Kiwis.


If your local sporting organisation is in need of funds to support your club, please apply through our grant system here.

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