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TAB Grant to Stokes Valley Football Club

Community sports play an integral role in local communities. Sport fosters connection and collaboration and teaches the next generation important and necessary interpersonal skills.


The Stokes Valley Junior Football Club is a safe space for all whānau in Stokes Valley to come together and connect, as they aim to keep the barrier to entry low by keeping their junior programme affordable.


With a club full of engaged volunteers and a new group of junior committee members eager to help every tamariki participate, they applied for and were successful in receiving a TAB NZ grant to upgrade ageing equipment and uniforms.


“Our junior club numbers grew massively after covid, something we were very happy about. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the gear to support the growth. We couldn’t dress all our junior teams the same, we had to make do with what we could find which meant jerseys that had holes, were dirty from overuse and weren’t always the correct sizes,” said Laura Morrissey, Stokes Valley Football Club Coordinator.


“Receiving grants from organisations like the TAB enables us to continue to strive towards providing a service to our community for as little cost as possible. This grant enabled us to grow significantly, and provide the children in our club with appropriate equipment to maximise their engagement and enjoyment of the game. We are part of a community where the cost to play can be a determining factor, and we just feel that is so unfair for the tamariki.”


With Football growing in popularity, the numbers at Stokes Valley Junior Football Club have been increasing year on year. Thanks to a growing interest from girls, where in previous years they’d scrape together enough for one team, in 2023 they have four girls teams.


This speaks to the club’s long-term goal to work towards ‘Football For All’.


“We want all members of our local community to know that our space is one where they are welcomed and encouraged to come along to. A space where tamariki can sign up and feel no financial barriers, knowing that the club will endeavour to support them as best as they can to get them on the pitch,” said Laura Morrissey.


With the work never really done for the volunteers of the club, they’ll continue looking for ways to ensure that they always create a space that provides current and future generations with a club that protects and nurtures the community.


TAB NZ is proud to play a part in supporting local community organisations and improving the odds for everyone.


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