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TAB NZ playing its cards right in recruitment campaign

TAB NZ is calling on All Stars to join the team in a new “TAB All Star Draft” campaign rolling out across social media platforms over the next couple of weeks.


The iconic New Zealand racing and sports wagering operation is capitalising on the resurgence of sports trading cards with a new twist on the standard recruitment campaign.


TAB NZ Chief People Officer Megan Campbell says with New Zealand facing the tightest labour market in a generation, it’s vital to show a point of difference to those outstanding candidates every organisation wants to attract.


“We’ve put the spotlight on just a few of our passionate team of almost 500, and they all enjoyed the opportunity to dress up for the cameras and try something very different from their day job.


“There are exciting times ahead for TAB NZ and we want to show people some of the many reasons they should consider joining us.”


Different generations are looking for different things in an employer, and this campaign is part of a refreshed approach from TAB NZ, which started with the ‘Consider the Odds’ campaign during the All Blacks three-test series against Ireland.


The All Star Draft campaign, created in conjunction with agency Pitchblack Partners, is a series of 15 second clips, with each of the six TAB team members captured in an animated “trading card” that features their role and their job highlights.


A 15 second highlight video can be found on our TAB NZ LinkedIn page.

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