Responsible Gambling

Although most New Zealanders gamble without experiencing any harm, a small minority who participate do suffer some degree of harm and for them the impacts of this can be significant. The TAB is committed to promoting responsible gambling and has various tools and procedures in place to help minimise the potential harm associated with gambling. The TAB aims to educate customers, and to assist them with making good decisions in relation to their gambling. The TAB wants all of its customers to follow these tips to help stay in control. 

Harm Min

If you think that you, or someone you know, may be experiencing issues with gambling, here are some behavioural signs to look out for:

  • Mood swings or outbursts brought on by gambling

  • Attempting to hide gambling from family or friends, or being dishonest about gambling

  • Trying to borrow money for the purpose of gambling more

  • Gambling for long periods without taking a break, or prioritising gambling over other commitments

  • Gambling most days of the week

  • Chasing gambling losses

  • Setting a limit, but not being able to stick to it

  • Gambling is no longer a source of fun and is causing regret or distress

Time Out

If you recognise some of these signs, and think that you or someone you know might need help, know that it is available right now. 

Free and confidential support and counselling services are available through the Gambling Helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling the Gambling Helpline 0800 654 655. You can also text the Gambling Helpline at any time on 8006. 

The Gambling Helpline is a national, dedicated helpline service where trained staff can provide guidance, support and information. The Gambling Helpline also has specialist services available including the Maori Gambling Helpline, the Pasifika Gambling Helpline, the Youth Gambling Helpline, and the Debt Gambling Helpline. 

Places where you can find more information

Gambling Helpline New Zealand
Problem Gambling Foundation NZ
The Salvation Army Oasis

TAB Tools that can help

For most customers betting on racing and sports or playing gaming machines is a fun, safe and exciting pastime, however we recognise that for a small percentage of people it may become a problem.

The TAB has a range of support measures to promote responsible gambling to customers and ensure betting remains a safe and fun activity.

Here are some of the tools available to help customers manage their gambling:

  • Set Your Limits - Accessible at all times through the account dashboard - account customers are able to set specific spending limits across a defined period. A mandatory 'cool down' period applies before these limits can be increased or removed. If you would like to discuss additional options in relation to spending limits, including setting limits over a different time period, please contact our helpdesk on 0800 102 106 for assistance.

  • Decreasing your Limits - Limits placed on your account can be lowered at any time. To lower your limits, navigate to the Set Your Limits section of the account dashboard and enter the amount you want to reduce your limit to.

  • Increasing Your Limits - Your limits cannot be increased without triggering a mandatory stand down period. These periods are designed to ensure you cannot act on a spur of the moment decision to increase or remove your limit. Daily limits trigger a mandatory 24 hour stand down. Limits greater than a day will trigger a mandatory 7 day stand down period. No person (including TAB staff) can override a stand down period.

  • Take A Break - Also accessible at all times through the account dashboard - account customers are able to elect to 'take a break' from their TAB account for a specified period. Where a customer elects to take a break, they will not be able to access their account for the break period or place any bets through their account. Additionally, when a customer takes a break, the TAB will not send marketing material or information to the email address registered against the TAB account.

  • Removal From Promotional Emails - When you elect to Take A Break, your TAB Account will automatically be converted to ‘No Promotion Material’ for the period of your break. Meaning you will not receive any promotional content from the TAB for the duration of your break period. Additionally, you can (at any time) elect to unsubscribe from receiving TAB promotional material (even without utilising the Take a Break feature). This can be done via the Account Dashboard or by electing to unsubscribe from within any TAB promotional email you receive.

  • TAB Account Only Exclusion - It is possible to exclude yourself from betting via TAB Account only. If you do not wish to exclude from all TAB services, but think that a TAB Account Only Exclusion could help you better manage your betting, please contact [email protected].

  • Multi Venue Self Exclusion Programme - The TAB runs a retail exclusion programme for both its Class 4 (Pokie Machine) and TAB wagering sites. The exclusion programme allows customers to block themselves from entering and gambling at any TAB venues in the country. Information regarding the exclusion programme is available in store, or call our helpdesk on 0800 102 106 for more information. 


TAB’s responsible gambling programme 

As one of the four major gambling providers in New Zealand, the TAB has a responsibility to minimise harm associated with its products. The responsibility extends beyond the requirements set out under the Racing and Gambling Act 2003. The TAB goes beyond the standards set out in legislation in many significant ways. 

In conducting its business the TAB strives to exhibit a sense of social responsibility by having regard to the communities in which it operates. This is a continuous and evolving process that develops in tandem with research evidence, population needs, and the development of new tools and technology. As part of this process, the TAB is committed to:

  • Working in partnership with health and help service providers to ensure our responsible gambling initiatives achieve the best possible harm minimisation outcomes;

  • Trialing and implementing new and emerging technology that is aimed at making the gambling environment safer for the customer; 

  • Reviewing processes, procedures, and commitments to identify areas where our responsible gambling programme can be improved.

If you require further information about the TAB’s Responsible Gambling programme, please contact [email protected]




Responsible Gambling Forms

Harm Prevention and Minimisation Policy

Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion Programme

Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion Form

Account Only Exclusion Form