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We’re here to help if your community sport organisation needs support. We’ve provided funds for uniforms, courts, equipment, venues and more. Find out more and apply for a TAB NZ grant here.

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General Guidelines For The Use Of TAB NZ Net Proceeds

All funding is subject to the availability of funds and compliance with the Sports Authorised Purposes statement, and the eligibility and prioritisation policy for the distribution of class 4 net proceeds. For more information about upcoming application dates, and what can and can't be covered by TAB, use the link below to find out more.

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Apply For A TAB NZ Grant Here

We provide grants that enable clubs to continue playing a vital role in their communities.

The successful grant funding we provide is used to improve the conditions of local clubs, and invests in a future where grassroots sports provide opportunities and brings people together.




of sport, racing and communities in New Zealand.

TAB NZ is deeply ingrained in New Zealand's culture, and, by betting with TAB NZ on racing or sport, you contribute to fuelling the future of racing codes and sporting organisations across New Zealand.