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Sporting stars remind Kiwis to place bets in NZ

The TAB has begun a promotional campaign to remind punters of the benefit of betting with the TAB instead of offshore bookmakers. A series of short video advertisements are currently running on Trackside Television and feature a host of sporing celebrities including Stephen Donald, Jamie Richards, Dan Hooker, Samantha Collett, Sheree Tomlinson and Phillipa Morris.


The video estimates that $130m of Gross Betting Revenue (GBR) is lost offshore. If this betting was to return to the TAB, the net impact of that lost GBR to NZ racing and sport, after normal deductions for the various taxes, levies and operating expenses would be about $80m.


TAB NZ Executive Chair, Dean McKenzie says “commercial success for the TAB means increased profit for New Zealand racing and improved returns for New Zealand sport”.


Reminding New Zealanders of the benefits of backing the TAB over its offshore competitors is part of TAB’s current goal to reduce the amount of money being spent on online international providers.


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