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TAB Gives Back to Aspiring Gymsports

Aspiring Gymsport’s (AGS) goal is to provide quality, fit-for purpose gym equipment for people in the Central Otago region, and with the help of a TAB NZ grant they can continue doing just that.


The gymnastics club in Wanaka is moving to a new location in July 2023 and needed to replace their 10m air track, which had a leak and required continuous inflating. A replacement track will allow more recreational programmes to be held at the gym, and the increased floor space and equipment will reduce the need for gymnasts to travel more than three hours to larger venues in bigger cities.


AGS Grants Manager Colleen Nisbet said the grant went towards the purchase of a new 25m air track, which includes an electric pump and repair kit. 


“Our current gym is too small to hold this equipment but the new gym, come July, will fit all of our existing equipment in one place. AGS will become a sub-regional hub for gymnastics in Central Otago, supporting smaller gym clubs such as Queenstown, Alexandra and Cromwell.”


Grants are available through TAB NZ for grassroots sporting organisations across the country, and Colleen completed an application and secured the funding after a friend encouraged her to apply.


“Our overarching aim in seeking this grant was to cover our large equipment and rent costs, helping to keep our class prices low and accessible for anyone to participate. AGS aims to be a financially and physically accessible gym for the whole community, especially for families with several children who would like to participate,” said Colleen.


“AGS will be the only gym in Otago that can provide all apparatus in one venue, adding significant value to gymnastics in the region.”


TAB NZ’s Net Proceeds Committee meets five times a year to consider the applications received from local sporting organisations across New Zealand. As a brand known for our roots in racing and sports, we’re thrilled to be able to support grassroots sports in Aotearoa that provide opportunities for everyday Kiwis.


If your local sporting organisation is in need of funds to support your club, please apply through our grant system here.

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