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TAB says “That’s our team!” as new partner of Tokomanawa Queens

TAB is excited to announce we’re a proud partner of the Tokomanawa Queens for 2023, as part of our commitment to improving the odds for women’s sports.


As TAB enters a new era through its strategic partnership with Entain, TAB — an organisation that returns funds to racing and sports all over New Zealand —  is committed to helping to continue the conversation, showing our support and demonstrating our commitment to women’s sports.


The Tokomanawa Queens brand stands by their ‘love of the game and love of the change’, two things TAB shares. The players have pay parity with their male counterparts, televised games on Sky Sport and 90% of the team — from the Board Chair to Head Coach to Game Officiator — are women.


“Basketball has been our most popular sports betting option in recent years, and last year we returned almost $3 million to Basketball New Zealand to invest in the future of the sport. By now directly supporting Tokomanawa Queens as a Huia Partner, TAB are making a commitment to support women’s sport to help drive engagement and ultimately more revenue,” says Jodi Williams, Chief Marketing & Customer Officer at TAB.


The team boasts elite female basketball players straight out of the Women’s National Basketball Association, Tall Ferns, National Collegiate Athletics Association, and the Women’s National Basketball League, who all come together to compete in New Zealand’s semi-pro Tauihi league. The Wellington-based team represents the central part of Aotearoa – Wellington, Taranaki, Manawatū and Hawke’s Bay.


The Tokomanawa Queens have embraced the entertainment factor that makes NBA so popular, and share TAB’s love of fandom with DJs, the Made to Move Hype Crew, Drum Lines and crowd interaction. All that served with a side of elite female athletes who have proven their popularity with record fan attendance and high social media engagement.


“TAB is committed to improving the odds for women’s sports, making it more financially rewarding to learn, follow and engage with. We are so excited to partner with a brand who shares that ethos.”


“With the first game of the season scheduled for 12 July, we can’t wait to bring the TAB fandom courtside for the Tokomanawa Queens,” says Jodi Williams.


“The Tokomanawa Queens are really grateful for the support of TAB. They are huge supporters of basketball and national sporting organisations (NSOs) throughout Aotearoa,” says Rachel Taulelei, Chair of the Tokomanawa Queens.


“This, on top of the substantial investment they make in the community, makes them a great addition to the Queens whānau. It takes a village to bring these passion projects to life and for that reason we feel really fortunate to have their support.”

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